Tides of Doom

by Project Armageddon

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released February 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Project Armageddon Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Into the Sun
Another day of destruction In the face of our fathers
Our only hope for redemption Open your eyes
chorus: Into the sun Our journey's begun
Into the sun The planet will slide
Into the sun No one will survive
Into the sun Open your eyes

Time manifesto Ticking on putrid hearts
If you want to rise to tomorrow Well then just open your eyes
Immersed in these seas of lies
Cascading rivers of lifelessness trolling by
So many tried see how they've fallen
Never to rise through layers of the flesh they sink to the bottom
Decoding tongues of the righteous
False promises enticing
We're spinning out of control
We've lost our grasp on all reason and the link to our souls
How many times to end this madness see where we've gotten
The Earth still bleeds its tears of sadness
Now we trail the stars so we can live on
Drift thru the universe and beyond
There's nowhere to hide
The Earth will collide
Track Name: Sanctimonious
Down through the ages we've seen it all before
The righteous seeking power and to it they are whores
Preaching of their virtues to which they don't adhere
Who is to say what's truth the pious make it clear
Rise above the masses omnipotent and vile
Condemn without dispute their ignorance prevails
Poisoning their judgment consumed by their fears
Attempts to open up their minds fall upon deaf ears

Well who knows what hides behind their crooked smiles
Feeding upon believers and filling them with lies
Mocking all the idols who's good lessons they are to teach
Perverted to bring their own goals well within their reach
Cross them and you're sure to fall there countenance of rage unholy
Offerings are made in vain to question is sanctimony
Cast false accusations crippled by their pride
Maybe one day they'll see their errors bleeding from their eyes

Down through the ages we've seen it all before
The righteous seeking power and to it they are whores
Preaching of their virtues to which they don't adhere
Who is to say what's truth
The sanctimonious
Track Name: Tides of Doom
Well once again we find ourselves at the mercy of the seas
Poseidon letting loose his vengeance release a Titan wave of infinity
Oceans of destruction thirsting for the blood of man
Color of the tide is turning reaching out its hands

How long could we think we'd last poisoning the land
Our arrogance is our undoing we'll be ground into the sands
A knew tide is cleansing the world our bodies rolling, rolling to sea
The earth begins its reconstruction as the gods begin to weep

From the murky deep of immortal sleep to the litter shores where the sirens weep
The pride of man's been lost the end is coming soon
The call it has been heard upon tides of doom
All right now... Come on

Treading on crimson waters racing towards the mountains
Riding on this sea of bodies cresting the lifeless tumbling
Awaken this avalanche ohh it comes crumbling tumbling down
Time after time our failures
Track Name: Fallow Fields
Feel troubled times up on the field
Pull your burdens like the plow as you toil
Drag the blade and watch the bleeding soil
Planting seeds within the buried bodies
Acre 'pon acre to which fallen return
Worms do their dance the dead begin to churn

Bit by bit the wheel set in motion
Forge another season the sewing of our deeds
Harvest after harvest it's the widow's fruit we reap
Casting lots into the crimson waters
Reflecting on a life that's now a murky dream
Sinking through the rocks it makes you want to scream

Faces rising through hardened clay
Masks of sorrow as time decays
Lurking shadows the fangs of hate
Burning sands the end awaits

All that we've seen and nothing's been learned
Losing the dream now our time has come
Man's fatal flaw
He has not the vision no
To see past his shadow or beyond the horizon

Well why do we covet this bounty
Buried and covered with ash
Our children of war
Lying fallow beneath these fields
Track Name: Paths of Darkness
Twisted forms and twisted minds wicked kin perform their rites
Sacrificial child born to die tonight
Infantesimal screams of those born to bleed
Behold the eyes of fire upon pain they are weaned

Shadows on horizon abandon all that's known
This brutality has awakened malevolent dreams
Winding labyrinths of fear a sense of freedom draws near
Bloody journey seeking the light longing to feel the dawn

Through the realms of hate on these paths of darkness
Trials of endless nights haunted by the darkness
Struggles to free the mind from these thoughts of darkness
Abodes of endless pain on these paths of darknes